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AA recognition

The English Tourism Council, the RAC and the AA are three nationally recognised bodies for the inspection and classification of serviced accommodation. Unfortunately an inspection by one doesn't get you registered with the others - you still have to pay to be inspected and listed by each of them.


Registration Fees - New Application or Change of Ownership (non-refundable)
Guesthouses, Farmhouses, Inns or Private Hotels
No.of Rooms £s Net £s VAT @ 17.5% £s Total
1-4 156.00 27.30 183.30
5-10 192.00 33.60 225.60
11+ 216.00 37.80 253.80
Annual Recognition Fee - (payable each year on 1st January)
Guesthouses, Farmhouses, Inns
No.of Rooms £s Net £s VAT @ 17.5% £s Total
1-4 156.00 27.30 183.30
5-10 192.00 33.60 225.60
11+ 216.00 37.80 253.80
Special Fees
Advisory visit, prior to full application: £40 plus VAT @ 17.5% = £47.00
(N.B. this fee will be deducted from registration fee if full application is made within 12 months of the advisory visit)
Change of Hands visit if the annual fee has been paid: £40 plus VAT @ 17.5% = £47.00

Internet Prices

Free Page You must be a member of the AA before you get a free page on the AA web site . This gives you one photo, a description of your property (written by the AA inspector), your accommodation rating, number of rooms, prices, map, etc.

Enhanced Page For an extra £30 plus VAT per year you can have a live link to your web site. That's all you get. No live e-mail links. Prospective visitors have to phone or fax the establishment or use the AA booking facility instead (try out the booking button on one of their accommodation pages for yourself). All bookings are handled by an agency which contacts the establishment when they receive a booking email to check availability. If OK then confirmation is sent to both establishment and customer (by email, fax or post, depending on who has what!). We don't know at this stage if there is a charge to the accommodation provider for this service. We think it's free. Anyone out there know? Please tell us!

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