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Background has now been in existence for just over 18 months and in 1999 they recorded just under 270,000 unique visits and over 1,100,000 client page 'views'. They claim to be averaging 12000 page views a day with 50% coming from the UK and over 70% being repeat visitors. Assuming that this trend continues they hope to triple 1999 totals by the end of the year 2000. They are undertaking various marketing campaigns.

They also claim: "Unlike other sites we operate a policy of offering world wide web users only quality accommodation (of all categories) in as many different parts of the UK as we can although we see no sense whatsoever in swamping any one county, unless of course response demands it. We also offer an introductory discount to establishments as we believe it is only correct to give you a year to measure bookings/response with a relatively small outlay. To this end our 'repeat' rate (from clients) is approximately 92% (whether these be red star hotels or small private B&B's). FURTHERMORE WE DO NOT HIKE UP OUR RATES AFTER YEAR ONE."

Internet Prices

Web Page A colour entry at £75 (colour picture, 100 words of text, awards, ratings, facilities, web link etc) lasts one year from when your details go live or the same entry at 45 without an image. They do not submit an invoice until you have approved your page. (Snowgoose assumes this is the discounted price!).

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