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This site uses the Visit Britain database (British Tourist Authority)
They do not have separate listings for accommodation on their site, unlike Northumberland County Council, which uses both Visit Britain and their own accommodation listings..

This site uses the Visit Britain database to search for accommodation in Northumberland. This means you have to be a member of the Tourist Board if you want to get on the database. If you're already a Tourist Board member, sit back and don't do a thing.

Visit Britain give every Tourist Board member a free listing with one photograph (they no longer offer enhanced entries, although this is a sort of enhanced entry) with links through to the member's own web site and email address.

Membership fees vary depending on your type of business. For further information about Membership of Northumbria Tourist Board/Visit Britain, you can contact the Membership Co-ordinator, Linda Green: Tel: (0191) 375 3026 or Email:

SNOWGOOSE COMMENT: This is another good reason to get your own web site and web site address, if you're serious about your business. Visitors to any of the web sites using the Visit Britain search, such as Durham County Council, will only be able to find out more by looking at your own web site via the link on your free Visit Britain listing.

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